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Espa Soğutma Elemanları
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Standard Range

Sturdy, compact, high performance low noise and smooth running, a perfect project solution with the most advanced technologies to cover the full range of applications.
All models are equipped with enhanced protection and diagnostic devices for a comprehensive reliability of the system. All compressors are designed to be controlled by “inverter technology”.

  • 75 models (48 Tandem versions)
  • 4 - 240 m3/hr
  • 0.5 - 80HP
  • 116 ASERCOM certifications - More than any other manufacturer



American J.W. Harris Company, world leader in the welding alloys and copper-phosphorus sector, has been founded in 1914. The products of J.W.Harris who presents a full line of welding, brazing and soldering consumables including aluminum, copper based alloys, mild steel, phos copper, high silvers, solders, specialty alloys, fluxes and chemical aids; are having been distributed to all Europe through its warehouse in Spain under the ISO 9002 quality management system regulations.


The new TR3 Series TraxOil Electronic Oil Level Control System accurately detects and controls oil levels in commercial oil refrigeration compressors. The TR3ʼs lightweight aluminum base and state-of-the-art design and engineering make it perfect for use with scroll and reciprocating refrigeration compressors.

How the TR3 Operates: The TR3 is mounted in place of the oil level sight glass at the compressorʼs crankcase. A mechanical level detector (float and hall sensor) monitors the oil level and transmits information to the control logic.

The integrated solenoid valve feeds oil directly into the compressor sump when the compressor oil level is low. If the correct oil level cannot be reached and goes into the red zone area, the TR3 emits an alarm signal. The alarm contacts can be used to shut down the compressor.



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