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hanbell frascold hermetik lett yag seviye regulatoru


HANBELL RC2 series semi-hermetic screw compressor is developed especially for applications in air-conditioning and refrigeration. With high operating load design, each HANBELL compressor is of high efficiency and reliability in all operating conditions such as thermal storage, heat pump system & refrigeration


American J.W. Harris Company, world leader in the welding alloys and copper-phosphorus sector, has been founded in 1914. The products of J.W.Harris who presents a full line of welding, brazing and soldering consumables including aluminum, copper based alloys, mild steel, phos copper, high silvers, solders, specialty alloys, fluxes and chemical aids; are having been distributed to all Europe through its warehouse in Spain under the ISO 9002 quality management system regulations.


Adequate oil level is an important requirement for long life of the compressor. Depending on the system design (eg. in rack applications) the correct oil level control under different operating conditionsis possible only using an active regulation system. The passive systems are problematic because they only operate satisfactorily under constant operating conditions, but due to seasonal variations this is not possible.

Variationsin operating conditions and defrost cycles may be covered by an active oil regulation, ensuring reliable operation. Active systems monitor the oil level in compressors and generate an alarm for low oil level. Even without built-in compressor oil pump and oil differential pressure switch (for example, scroll compressor), the oil supply to the compressor can only be monitored with an active control.

In Lett electronic oil level controller, a Hall sensor and a built-in magnet in the float system measure the oil level in the compressor. Depending on the oil level and the consequent changesin magnetic field strength results in a variable voltage induced into the Sensor. This is evaluated by an electronic unit and accordingly, the LED's and the solenoid valve will be actuated. If the oil level is in the Alarm Range (see Operation), the COM1 switches with a delay time of 90 seconds the relays contact into the alarm state. This signal can be used to shut down the compressor or for data processing. During the alarm condition oil is permanently fed in the compressor, with the target to bring the oil level to normal. If successful, the alarm is reset.

Product highlights:
• Sophisticated operating principle, stand-alone controller for Oil supply with oil level sensor and solenoid valve
• Optimized energy consumption by special Design of Solenoid Valve and Coil
• High-precision sensor technology allows a very precise level detection
• Float calibrated for POE Lubricants
• No incorrect measurements by foaming oil or incidence of light
• Conformsto CE, Gost
• Protection class IP 54 , electrical connection with molded plugs and cable
• Easy to fit to existing oil sight glass connection



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